Top Virtual Reality Trends to Expect in 2020

Virtual Reality (VR) is taking the world by storm. Arguably one of the most innovative inventions in the tech space, it promises more each day. With 2020 picking up steam, there is a lot that we can expect in the world of VR this year.

This post will look at some of the top trends in the industry.

1. The Automotive Industry Capitalizes on VR

One of the most involved sectors in VR has been the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers are looking for ways that they can make their new releases serve their customers better.

VR offers one of the most viable opportunities to make this possible. This year, expect that more car manufacturers will release vehicles with an automated I-cockpit feature powered by VR.

2. VR to Take Center Stage in E-Commerce

Already Amazon is proving to the world that augmented reality can help make customer experience better on e-commerce sites. Around 33 percent of the searches on Amazon trace back to VR-enabled search algorithms.

As Amazon keeps dominating the e-commerce space, it is inevitable that other e-commerce sites will want to adopt VR as well to keep up. The spillover effect of this adoption is that customers will have better user experiences.

3. Indoor Navigation with VR

We are all familiar with digital maps and how they have become efficient over time. One new trend that many providers are experimenting with is indoor navigation.

Already companies like Google are experimenting with the idea of offering navigation inside malls and airports. VR is taking centre stage in all these and soon we can expect this to become the new norm.

Some airports in the UK have also launched the same in-house applications, allowing travellers to navigate their terminals with ease. It will be exciting to see how this will turn out.