Top Art Galleries In Toronto, Canada

If you love arts or are trying to familiarize yourself with the field, visiting an art gallery is highly recommended. In an art gallery, you get the chance to indulge in the art process of each piece of art and through this, you appreciate art more. This post will guide you on some of the top art galleries to visit in Toronto, Canada.

1. Art Gallery Of Ontario

The Art Gallery Of Ontario is one of the best art galleries to visit while in Toronto. The best thing about this art gallery is its focus on Canadian art pieces. If you are looking to learn more about the history of art in Canada, you can count on a visit to this art gallery to be an eye-opener. Additionally, the art gallery also plays host to some European masterpieces as well as a major renovation by Frank Gehry.

2. Museum Of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada

The Museum Of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada is one of the most reputable art galleries in Canada. This art gallery offers you a chance to immerse yourself in the art pieces of modern artists. The art gallery gives a special focus to these artists to help grow their names in the art circles. The museum also plays host to some art pieces by established artists from Canada and around the world.

3. Stephen Bulger Gallery

Photography plays a huge role in advancing art. This significance is especially pronounced in the modern age, where storytelling is taking center stage. In Toronto, there is a dedicated art gallery that features photography works only. The Stephen Bulger Gallery is the number one spot to be at if you love photography. Additionally, if you are a budding photographer, this is the place to learn from other veterans’ pieces of work.